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Understanding Capacitors and How They Work

Capacitors in some ways are sort of like batteries in the sense that both batteries and capacitors store electric energy, however they work in completely different ways. Everyone knows that batteries have two terminals and inside of them are chemical reactions that help to create electrons on one of ...more

Replacing Your Plastic Jacks and Plugs in Your Fender Guitar Amp

If you play guitar then you already know just how important your amp is and that it is in good working condition. This is why if your Fender Amp is no longer producing the sound that you are use to or it is only working intermittently it can be very frustrating. There can be a variety of reasons why ...more

How to Use the Gain Factor to Choose Your Preamp Tubes

Probably one of the more popular simple tweaks for a guitar amp by guitar players is to get a preamp tube that has a little bit of a different gain factor. However, this is only going to work for those tubes that are plate voltage compatible, so you need to be careful when picking these tubes.  ...more

Why Choosing the Right Speakers for Guitar Amps is Important

The speakers that you choose for your guitar amps will be the main contributing factor to how the guitars tone is going to come out sounding. However, tone is also subjective and often the tones that a guitar player actually loves comes from technical imperfections. The earlier amps used for guitars ...more

How Audio Tubes Are Used to Create Tube Sound

Tube sound also known as valve sound is a sound that is associated with audio tube or vacuum tube based audio amplifiers. Once solid state amplifiers were introduced, tube sound was a logical complement the transistor sound because of transistor had some negative connotations because of some crossov ...more

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